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Policies » Section G: Personnel

Section G contains policies on all school employees except for the Superintendent. The category is divided into three main divisions: GB has policies applying to all school employees or to general personnel matters; GC refers to instructional and administrative staff; GD refers to support or classified staff.

Code Date Name
11/14/2023 Non-Resident Student Enrollment for Children or Staff
GA 04/09/2024 Personnel Policies Goals
GADA 01/15/2019 Employment References And Verification
GBA 06/13/2000 Equal Opportunity Employment
GBAA 08/22/2023 Sexual Harassment And Sexual Violence-Employees
GBCD 04/09/2024 Background Investigation And Criminal Records Check
GBE 06/13/2000 Employee Rights And Responsibilities
GBEA 12/10/2019 Staff Ethics/Employee Conflict Of Interest
GBEAB 08/22/2023 Mandatory Code Of Conduct Reporting
GBEB 12/10/2019 Staff Conduct
GBEBB 11/10/2009 Employee-Student Relations
GBEBC 06/13/2000 Employee Gifts And Solicitations
GBEBD 12/13/2012 Employee Use Of Social Networking
GBEC 12/11/2018 Drug-Free Workplace Policy
GBED 11/11/2018 Tobacco Products Ban
GBEF 06/13/2023 School District Internet Access For Staff
GBEF-R 06/13/2023 Acceptable Internet Use Procedures - Staff
GBGA 03/12/2024 Staff Health
GBGBA/GBGBA-R 11/10/2008 Use And Location Of Automated External Defibrillator(s)/Forms
GBJ 05/24/2005 Personnel Records
GBJA/GBJA-R 08/22/2023 Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act (HIPAA)
GBK/GBK-R 06/13/2000 Employee Complaints And Grievances
GCA 06/13/2000 Professional Staff Positions
GCB 06/13/2000 Professional Staff Contracts
GCCBC 03/12/2024 Family And Medical Leave Act
GCG 06/09/2015 Part-Time And Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCH 11/14/2000 Professional Staff Orientation
GCI 11/14/2000 Professional Development Opportunities
GCO 12/09/2014 Teacher Performance And Evaluation System
GCQC 11/14/2000 Resignation Of Professional Staff Member
GCR 11/14/2023 Non-School Employment By Professional Staff Members
GCRC 11/14/2000 Professional Employee Conflicts
GCRD 11/14/2000 Tutoring For Pay
GDM 11/14/2000 Support Staff Educational Opportunities
GDO 03/26/2002 Evaluation Of Support Staff