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Policies » Section G: Personnel » GCA: Professional Staff Positions

Policy Date: 06/13/2000

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Responsibilities and Duties of Teachers
All teachers shall be certified or certifiable in the area to which he/she is assigned to instruct. Additionally, all teachers will demonstrate knowledge of current teaching and learning theories and practices, and subject content or field of specialization. Teachers will be able to integrate character and citizenship and technology into lesson objectives. They will also be well versed in the characteristics of the learning styles and behaviors associated with the age level of the students who they are assigned to teach. Further, teachers will demonstrate the ability to meet the unique learning needs of their students and understand the legal responsibilities of implementing learning plans associated with Individualized Education Plans and 504 Accommodation Plans.

A standard teaching assignment includes the following expectations: assignment to a class schedule, proper preparation of lessons and student evaluation and assessment procedures, appropriate attention to the completion of forms and paperwork, attendance at meetings which are reasonably scheduled before and after school, attention to duties and supervisory assignments scheduled by the building administration, assistance for students who may need academic help beyond the school day, and management of student behavior. Additionally, all teachers are to be constantly aware of their status as a role model in the community. Finally, each teacher is required to carry out assignments from the building Principal or other responsible administrator in conformance with School Board policies and state, local, and federal regulations.

Subject to Collective Bargaining provisions and individual teaching contracts.

Adopted: June 13, 2000