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Policies » Section J: Students

Section J contains policies on students in regards to admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare, and school-related activities.

Code Date Name
GBAA/JBAA 06/08/2021 Sexual Harassment And Sexual Violence
JBAA/GBAA 06/08/2021 Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence
JCA 01/15/2019 Change Of School Or Assignment Policy
JCB 06/11/2013 Assignment Of Students To School
JEA 11/14/2000 Compulsory Attendance Age
JEB 04/08/2008 Age of Entrance
JEC 10/11/2011 Manifest Educational Hardship
JECD 01/15/2019 Assignment Of Kindergarten Pupils To Classes
JF 01/14/2000 Enrollment Policy
JFA 11/14/2000 Residency
JFAA 05/14/2019 Admission Of Resident Students
JFAB 01/12/2016 Admission Of Nonresident Students
JFABB 11/14/2000 Foreign Exchange Students
JFABD 01/14/2003 Admission Of Homeless Students
JFABE 01/14/2020 Education Of Children In Foster Care
JG 05/13/2008 Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels
JH 05/12/2011 Attendance, Absenteeism And Truancy
JHC 06/10/2008 Student Release Precautions
JI 03/26/2002 Student Rights And Responsibilities
JIA 04/10/2004 Student Due Process Rights
JIB 05/14/2019 Student Involvement In Decision-Making
JIC 05/14/2019 Student Conduct
JICD 05/10/2022 Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process
JICDD 12/10/2019 Out-Of-School Actions
JICFA 03/13/2018 Hazing
JICG 12/11/2018 Tobacco Products Ban
JICH 12/08/2015 Drug And Alcohol Use By Students
JICI 12/08/2015 Weapons On School Property
JICI-R 12/08/2015 Modification Of A Weapons Expulsion
JICJ 06/09/2009 Communication Devices
JICK 12/14/2010 Pupil Safety And Violence Prevention - Bullying
JICL-R 06/11/2019 Acceptable Internet Use Procedures For Students
JICL/IJNDB 06/08/2021 School District Internet Access For Students
JICM 06/08/2021 Personal Device Usage
JJA 11/10/2009 Student Activities And Organizations
JJE 06/12/2001 Student Fundraising Activities
JJF 06/12/2001 Student Activities Fund Management
JJG 06/12/2001 Non-School Sponsored Contests For Students
JJIB 11/10/2009 Athletics
JJJ 02/14/2017 Access To Public School Programs By Nonpublic, Charter School And Home-Educated Pupils
JKA 11/09/2010 Corporal Punishment
JKAA 06/09/2015 Use Of Restraints
JKAA-R 06/09/2015 Procedures On Use Of Child Restraint And Seclusion
JKB 06/12/2001 Detention Of Students
JLA 06/12/2001 Student Insurance Program
JLC 11/10/2008 Student Health Services
JLCA 12/13/2004 Physical Examinations Of Students
JLCB/JLCB-R 05/24/2005 Immunization of Students/Immunization Requirements
JLCC 01/14/2020 Head Lice/Pediculosis
JLCC-R 01/14/2020 Head Lice/Pediculosis
JLCD 05/09/2017 Administering Medication to Students
JLCD-R/JLCE-R 05/09/2017 Annual Health Information/Parental Permission for Medication
JLCE 05/09/2017 Emergency Care And First Aid
JLCF 02/10/2021 Wellness Policy
JLCJ 01/12/2021 Concussions And Head Injuries
JLCK 06/13/2012 Special Physical Health Needs Of Students
JLD 10/06/2008 Student Guidance And Counseling Program
JLDBA 06/12/2007 Behavior Management And Intervention
JLDBB 01/12/2021 Suicide And Self-Harm Prevention
JLF 01/14/2020 Reporting Child Abuse Or Neglect
JLI 12/09/2014 Joint Loss Management Committee
JLIA 06/12/2001 Supervision Of Students
JLIF 10/06/2008 Receipt And Use Of Sex Offender Registry Information
JQ 06/12/2001 Student Fees, Fines And Charges
JRA 01/12/2010 Student Education Records And Information (FERPA)
JRA-E 01/12/2010 Annual Notice Of Student Education Records And Information Rights
JRA-R 01/12/2010 Student Education Records and Information - Administrative Procedures