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Policies » Section I: Instruction

Section I contains policies on the instructional program: basic curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources, and academic achievement.

Code Date Name
IC 02/14/2023 School Year
ICA 06/12/2007 School Calendar
IF 06/13/2006 Instructional Approach
IFA 10/06/2008 Instructional Needs Of Students With Different Talents
IGA 04/09/2019 Curriculum Development
IGD 11/14/2000 Curriculum Adoption
IGE/IGE-R 01/09/2018 Parental Objections To Specific Course Materials
IH 06/13/2006 Instructional Programs
IHAK 01/09/2018 Character And Citizenship Education
IHAL 06/12/2001 Teaching About Religion
IHAM 01/09/2018 Health Education And Exemption From Instruction
IHAM-R 01/09/2018 Health & Physical Education Exemption: Opt-Out Form
IHAMA 11/14/2000 Teaching About Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco
IHBA 02/14/2023 Programs For Pupils With Disabilities
IHBA-R 01/10/2017 Procedural Safeguards For Children With Disabilities
IHBAA 01/10/2023 Evaluation Requirements For Children With Specific Learning Disabilities
IHBAA-R 02/14/2017 Special Education Evaluation Procedures
IHBB 11/14/2000 Enrichment Program
IHBBA 01/08/2008 Limited English Profiency Instruction
IHBG 08/22/2023 Home Education Instruction
IHBG-R 10/10/2023 Home Education Instruction
IHCA 01/08/2008 Summer Activities
IIC 05/12/2011 Instructional Time Schedule
III 11/10/2020 Methods Of Learning
IJ 10/12/2010 Instructional Materials
IJB 04/08/2008 Class Size
IJL 10/12/2010 Selection Of Learning Resources
IJNDB/JICL 06/08/2021 School District Internet Access For Students
IJO 01/13/2009 School, Community, Home Relations
IJOA 06/09/2009 Field Trips And Excursions
IJOA-R 08/22/2023 Request For Educational Field Trip
IJOC 01/09/2018 Volunteers
IKA 11/14/2000 Grading System
IKB 11/14/2000 Homework
IKE 01/09/2018 Promotion And Assignment Of Students
IL 11/14/2000 Evaluation Of Instructional Programs
ILBA 01/08/2008 Assessment
ILD 10/10/2023 Non-Educational Questionnaires, Surveys, And Research
ILD-R 03/13/2018 Permission To Participate In Non-Educational Survey
IMAH 12/11/2007 Daily Physical Activity
IMBD 06/14/2016 High School Credit For 7th AND 8th Grade Coursework
IMC 03/26/2002 Speakers and Programs
IMDA 02/13/2018 Patriotic Exercises
IMGA 10/11/2011 Service Animals