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Policies » Section I: Instruction » IGE/IGE-R: Parental Objections To Specific Course Materials

Policy Date: 01/09/2018

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The curriculum and course materials of the School District are designed to meet statutory requirements and include other areas of study deemed appropriate by the professional staff and the Board. The curriculum includes topics and materials that are age and ability appropriate to the students and are available for review by parents.

The Board acknowledges that from time to time individual students may be exposed to specific course materials which their parents/legal guardians find objectionable. Parents and legal guardians shall be notified, in writing, not less than two (2) weeks in advance of use of potentially objectionable curriculum course material. In such cases, the parents/legal guardians may request an exception to the specific course materials in accordance with applicable law and the following procedure.

1. The parents/legal guardians must:
a. Notify the building principal in writing of the specific course material to which they object; and
b. Provide a detailed written description or actual copy of the course material which they propose as an alternative to the District’s course material. That alternative material must meet applicable State requirements for education in the particular subject area.
c. Provide a detailed description of how and when the alternative course material will be delivered to the child at no cost to the District. The District shall have no responsibility for delivery of the alternative course material.

2. The building principal shall review the proposed alternative course material and the parent/guardian’s plan for delivery of the material. He/she shall determine whether it is appropriate and meets State requirements and consult with the classroom teacher and other staff as appropriate.

3. The building principal shall notify the parents/legal guardians as soon as practicable whether or not he/she agrees with the alternative course material and the plan for delivery of the material. Both the building principal and parents/legal guardians must agree in order for particular alternative course materials to be approved as a replacement for District course material.

4. If the building principal approves the alternative course materials and the plan for delivery, the parents/legal guardians must provide appropriate documentation of the student’s successful completion of the material. Absent such documentation, the student will not receive credit for the work.

5. If the building principal and parents/legal guardians cannot agree on alternative course materials and a plan for delivery, the Superintendent may be requested to assist in resolving the matter. In the event that there is no agreement, the District shall expect the child to continue to participate in the school’s regular curriculum.

6. In the event that the parents/legal guardians are objecting to health and physical education, including the human reproductive system and human sexual health on religious grounds, the student shall not be required to participate in the District’s regular curriculum, but may participate in an alternative program per School District Policy IHAM Health Education and Exemption from Instruction.

In accordance with State law, the names of the parents/legal guardians requesting exceptions to specific course materials and their reasons shall remain confidential.

Adopted: May 8, 2012
Revised: January 9, 2018

Legal Reference:
RSA 186:11(IX-c) and (IX-e), State Board of Education; Duties, US Constitution1232h, (c) (1) (C), Protection of Pupil Rights



I, ________________________ am the parent or guardian of, __________________
and object to the following course material:

I have identified alternative course material and have enclosed it with this form.
My plan for delivery of alternative course material, including ensuring the District bears no additional cost for such, is as follows:

I understand that I am requesting the school to excuse my child from certain units of curriculum that are required by State law. I further understand that in lieu of receiving instruction in this unit, my child is required to receive alternative learning that is sufficient to enable my child to meet state requirements the unit. I further understand I am responsible for the delivery of the approved alternative course material and am required to submit appropriate documentation of my child’s successful completion of the material. Absent such documentation, my child will not receive credit for the work. I further understand that this objection is only valid for the school year in which it is signed and for the course material noted above and subsequent waivers may be necessary.
________________________________ __________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date
Principal Review Date: ______________________ Disposition:

Approved                                                          Not Approved

This form is exempt from disclosure under the Right–to-Know law, RSA Chapter 91-A, and RSA 186:11, IX-e (Duties of the State Board)