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Policies » Section I: Instruction » IJOA: Field Trips And Excursions

Policy Date: 06/09/2009

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ASD File: IJO (Same as KA)

The School Board recognizes the importance of having a strong partnership between the school
system and the parents of our students as well as the community at large. It is therefore the policy of
the Board to define standards for involvement between the schools, the community, and the parents
of all students enrolled in District schools. The Superintendent is directed to implement these
District schools are a welcoming place, clearly accessible to parents and the community.
Communication between home and school is regular, two-way and meaningful.
Parents are full partners in the educational decisions that affect children and families.
Parents will be encouraged to visit their schools for beginning of the year events such as
“Open House” and new student orientations. These events will be used to disseminate
information on school policies, discipline procedures, assessment tools and school goals.
Opportunities are provided to guide parents on ways to assist with homework, give
feedback to teachers, and how parents can help their children improve skills and perform
well on assessments.
Parents are encouraged to attend school-sponsored parent workshops to learn about
parenting skills, health, safety, nutrition, home environments that support education and
other topics of child and adolescent development throughout the year.
Reasonable efforts will be made to communicate with parents in their primary language or
in the language in which they feel comfortable.
For the purposes of this policy, the term “parent” refers to the parent or legal guardian
and where appropriate other family members.
Students and parents will receive information regarding cultural, recreational, academic,
health, social and other resources that serve families within the community.
The support of area businesses, agencies and faith-based organizations will be sought
through financial, goods and services, and volunteer contributions.
Partnerships will be developed with local organizations, local city and county governments,
and talented individuals to strengthen school programs, family practices and student
Student participation in community service will be encouraged.
Business partnerships will also be developed to assist students in the successful transition
to employment or further education.
Adopted: November 14, 2000
Revised: January 13, 2009

Legal References: NH Admin Rules Sec. Ed 306.04(a)(11), NH Admin Rules Sec. Ed 306.04(k)