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Policies » Section I: Instruction » IC: School Year

Policy Date: 02/14/2023

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ASD File: IC

The school year shall be a minimum of 180 instructional days for students and additional days
for the teaching staff, emergency days, etc.

Any days that the school is closed for emergency reasons will be made up at the end of the
school year or during recess periods, as approved by the Board upon the Superintendent’s
recommendation. Under special circumstances the Board may request an exception to this
requirement from the State Board of Education.

Alternatively, the school year may consist of the number of hours as required by New
Hampshire Department of Education Rules. In the event school is closed for excessive days for
emergency reasons, the Superintendent may recommend to the School Board a revised
schedule that satisfies all Department of Education requirements, but which may amend the
number of days in the school year.

Legal References:
RSA 189:1, RSA 189:24, NH Admin Rules, Section Ed. 306.18, 306.19, and 306.27

Adopted: November 13, 1980
Revised: August 25, 1988, November 14, 2000, June 9, 2015, February 14, 2023