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Policy Categories Archives: Section F: Facilities Planning & Development

Section F contains policies and regulations on facility planning, financing, construction, and renovation.

Enrollment Projections


Enrollment projections will be prepared on a five-year basis under the direction of the
Superintendent and will be reviewed annually.

The projections will take into consideration the following:
1. Figures from the latest school enrollment.
2. School registration figures.
3. Review of forthcoming changes in town planning and zoning.
4. Review of current and planned community land development and housing.

Whenever construction of new school facilities or the closing of any school building is being
contemplated, the Board may authorize outside studies made of population trends and school

Adopted: June 13, 2000
Reviewed: April 9, 2019

Educational Specifications


The Board shall require the Superintendent to develop a set of comprehensive educational specifications for the architectural design and for the New Hampshire Department of Education approval. These specifications, which shall then be discussed in conferences with the architect, shall include:
1. Information concerning the plan of school organization and estimated enrollment in the proposed building.
2. A description of the proposed curriculum and the teaching methods and techniques to be employed.
3. A schedule of space requirements, including an indication of relative locations of various spaces.
4. A desired layout of special areas and the equipment needed for such areas.
5. An outline of mechanical features and special finishes desired.

Statutory Reference:
NH Code of Administrative Rules 305.13

Adopted: June 13, 2000


Selection of a Design Professional


It is a policy of the State Board of Education that a design professional must be employed to design the plans of the proposed building to make the project eligible for state building aid. According to statute (RSA 310), a person must be a registered design professional in order to practice in New Hampshire. The designer contributes to the building program as follows:
1. Advice and assistance in the selection of a site.
2. Assistance in determining the physical requirements of the project and developing preliminary budgets.
3. Preparation of preliminary sketches and studies incorporating educational specifications.
4. After thorough review, preparation of detailed drawings, plans, specifications, and contracts for the project, shall assume compliance with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.
5. Assistance in obtaining approval by the State Department of Education for building aid, Fire Marshal, water supply and pollution control, and all other governmental agencies as required.
6. Preparation of necessary forms and information to advertise the project for bid, assistance in bid opening, advice to the committee on awarding the contract.
7. Supervision and administration of the construction phase of the project.
8. Certification of payments to the contractor, advice as to final acceptance of the building.
9. Authoritative, professional presentation of the building program to the public, especially with regards to costs and details of construction.

Statutory Reference:
RSA 310

Adopted: June 13, 2000


Supervision of Construction

(Clerk of the Works)

The Board may designate a Clerk of the Works who shall be directly responsible to the School Board for review of the architect and contractor’s activities in his/her supervision of building construction. This review shall include adequacy of field inspection of the contractor’s operations, administrative activities of the architect relating to construction, and any other matters relating to the Auburn School District. The district’s representative shall make periodic reports certifying by his/her personal knowledge that the work of the construction contractor and the architect is being performed in accordance with plans, specifications, and contracts.

Change orders will be recommended by the Clerk of the Works to the Superintendent of Schools who will determine whether or not it is a matter for Board consideration. If the Superintendent decides Board consideration is not necessary, then the signature of the Superintendent shall be considered Board action. The Superintendent shall report all change orders not requiring Board action in a timely manner.

Upon completion of building construction and after a final inspection of all its aspects by the design professional, contractors, and school officials, a recommendation for its acceptance will be made to the Board by the design professional and the Clerk of the Works. All blueprints, records, and documents relative to the project will be archived at an appropriate, centralized location within the building.

Adopted: June 13, 2000