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Policies » Section F: Facilities Planning & Development » FEB: Selection of a Design Professional

Policy Date: 06/13/2000

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It is a policy of the State Board of Education that a design professional must be employed to design the plans of the proposed building to make the project eligible for state building aid. According to statute (RSA 310), a person must be a registered design professional in order to practice in New Hampshire. The designer contributes to the building program as follows:
1. Advice and assistance in the selection of a site.
2. Assistance in determining the physical requirements of the project and developing preliminary budgets.
3. Preparation of preliminary sketches and studies incorporating educational specifications.
4. After thorough review, preparation of detailed drawings, plans, specifications, and contracts for the project, shall assume compliance with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.
5. Assistance in obtaining approval by the State Department of Education for building aid, Fire Marshal, water supply and pollution control, and all other governmental agencies as required.
6. Preparation of necessary forms and information to advertise the project for bid, assistance in bid opening, advice to the committee on awarding the contract.
7. Supervision and administration of the construction phase of the project.
8. Certification of payments to the contractor, advice as to final acceptance of the building.
9. Authoritative, professional presentation of the building program to the public, especially with regards to costs and details of construction.

Statutory Reference:
RSA 310

Adopted: June 13, 2000