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Policies » Section E: Support Services » EEA: Student Transportation Services

Policy Date: 10/10/2023

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The Auburn School District shall provide transportation for pupils to schools in the school district
consistent with provisions of RSA 189:6, 189:9, 189.9a provided they live one mile or more from the

Per RSA 193:12, students who are deemed legal residents of the school district pursuant to a divorce
decree or parenting plan developed under RSA 461-A will not necessarily be provided transportation. The
Superintendent or designee will make all determinations as to whether transportation will be provided in
such circumstances. The Superintendent or designee’s decision will be final.

The following policies shall apply:

General Operating Policy

Pupils who attend charter public schools or approved public schools in the district will be provided
transportation in accordance with RSA 189:9 and RSA 194-B:2,V.

Bus stops shall be established under the direction of the Superintendent and/or designee. Drivers may
not load or unload pupils at unauthorized bus stops.

Student Conduct on School Buses

The bus driver will have responsibility to maintain orderly behavior of students on school buses and will
report misconduct to the student’s Principal in writing. Video cameras may be used on buses to support
the bus driver’s reports of unacceptable conduct. The school Principal will have the authority delegated
by the Superintendent and/or designee to suspend the riding privileges of students who are disciplinary
problems on the bus by failing to conform to the rules and regulations promulgated by the School Board.
Parents of children whose pattern of behavior and conduct on school buses endangers the health, safety
and welfare of other riders will be notified that their children face the loss of school bus riding privileges
in accordance with the student discipline code. Suspensions in excess of twenty consecutive days must
be ratified by the Board (RSA 189:9a).

Resolution of Conflicts

A parent who wishes to request a change or exemption from any of the student transportation policies
shall direct that request to either the school Principal or the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Matters of student conduct should be referred to the Principal while routing and scheduling should be
directed to the Superintendent or his/her designee. Should the parent not be satisfied with the results,
an appeal can be made to the School Board’s Transportation Committee. If the individual remains
dissatisfied, the individual may request an appeal to the Auburn School Board through the

Legal References:
RSA 189.6, RSA 189.8, RSA 189.9, RSA 189-9a, RSA 193:12, RSA 194-B:2 V

Adopted: September 13, 1995
Adopted: April 11, 2000
Revised: May 8, 2007, April 8, 2008, December 13, 2016, January 10, 2017, October 10, 2023