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Policies » Section B: School Board Governance & Operations » BG: School Board Policy Development

Policy Date: 03/13/2018

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ASD File: BG

The School Board will develop policies and put them in writing so that they may serve as guidelines and goals for the successful and efficient functioning of our public schools.

The Board considers policy development its chief function, along with providing the resources such as personnel, buildings, materials, and equipment for the successful interpretation and evaluation of its policies.

The Board accepts the definition of policy set forth by the National School Boards Association:
Policies are principles adopted by the School Board to chart a course of action. They tell what is wanted; they may include why and how much. Policies should be broad enough to indicate a line of action to be followed by the administration in meeting a number of problems; narrow enough to give clear guidance. Policies are guides for action by the administration, who then sets the rules and regulations to provide specific directions to school district personnel.

It is the Board’s intention that its policies serve as sources of information and guidance for all people who are interested in, or connected with, the public schools.

The policies of the Board are based on and are meant to be interpreted in terms of New Hampshire laws, rules and regulations of the State Board of Education, and all other regulatory agencies within our local, county, state, and federal levels of government. The policies are also based on and are meant to be interpreted in terms of those educational objectives, procedures, and practices which are broadly accepted by leaders and authorities in the public education field.

Changes in needs, conditions, purposes, and objectives will require revisions, deletions, and additions to the policies of present and future boards. The Board will welcome suggestions for ongoing policy development from citizens, students, and staff in the School District.

Action on such proposals, whatever their source, is taken finally by the Board after receiving the recommendation of the Superintendent. The Superintendent bases his/her recommendations upon the outcomes of study and upon the judgement of the professional staff and appropriate study committees. The Superintendent shall seek counsel of the School Attorney when there may be a question of legality or proper legal procedure in the development of a proposed School Board policy.

Adopted: June 14, 1977
Adopted: October 12, 1999
Reviewed: March 13, 2018