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Policies » Section B: School Board Governance & Operations » BGA: Policy Development System

Policy Date: 03/13/2018

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The Board endorses for use in this District the policy development, codification, and dissemination system of the National School Boards Association (EPS/NSBA).

This system, as modified to meet local needs, is to serve as a general guideline for such tasks as policy research, the drafting of preliminary policy proposals, reviewing policy drafts with concerned groups, presenting new and revised policies to the Board for consideration and action, policy dissemination, policy evaluation, and the maintenance of a continuously and easy-to-use policy manual.

System Maintenance

A member of the SAU staff is to be designated and delegated by the Superintendent with the responsibility to maintain the Board’s policy reference files, to draft policy proposals as instructed by the Board and/or Superintendent, to maintain the Board policy manual, and to serve as liaison between the Board, the New Hampshire School Boards Association, State Board of Education, and other sources of policy research information.

Adopted: October 12, 1999
Reviewed: March 13, 2018