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Policies » Section E: Support Services » EBCC: Bomb Threats

Policy Date: 03/10/2009

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The Board recognizes that bomb threats are a significant concern to the schools. Whether the
threat is real or a hoax, a bomb threat represents a potential danger to the safety and welfare of
students, staff, and school property.

No person shall make or communicate, by any means, a threat that a bomb has been or will be
placed on school premises.

Any bomb threat will be regarded as a serious matter and will be treated accordingly. In the
event a bomb threat is made, the following procedures shall be followed:
1. Law Enforcement authorities shall be notified immediately.
2. Simultaneously, the Superintendent shall be notified.
3. The Principal, in consultation with law enforcement authorities and the
Superintendent, will determine if a credible threat exists. If so, the Superintendent
or his/her designee shall call for an immediate evacuation of all school buildings.
4. An investigation of the threat should be made by local law enforcement authorities or
applicable state department.

Any decision to re-enter the school or buildings will be made by the Superintendent, or designee,
and only after such clearance has been given by the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Making a bomb threat is a crime. As such, any person found to have made a bomb threat will be
subject to arrest and prosecution according to law. Any student suspected of making a bomb
threat will be reported to law enforcement authorities for investigation and possible prosecution.
Apart from any penalty imposed by law, and without regard to the existence or status of criminal
charges, a student who makes a bomb threat shall be subject to disciplinary action, in
accordance with applicable Board policy.

Legal References: RSA 158:9 and RSA 644

Adopted: April 11, 2000
Revised: March 10, 2009