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Policies » Section B: School Board Governance & Operations » BEDG-R: Access To Minutes And Public Records

Policy Date: 04/09/2019

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1. These procedures will apply to all requests to inspect or obtain copies of governmental records, including minutes of School Board meetings, received by the administrative offices of the school district.

2. Individuals making Right-to-Know requests are encouraged to discuss their requests with the school administration to insure the request is stated in a manner that will focus on the records desired and avoid being unnecessarily overbroad. Carefully tailored requests often can be fulfilled more promptly and help avoid resources being expended to retrieve and prepare material which exceeds what is actually being sought. The Board encourages members of the public to make their requests in writing and to include a specific description of the desired record(s). Requests for records will not be denied if such request is not in writing. If the person making the request refuses to put the request in writing, the staff member receiving the request shall put the request in writing and shall provide the person with a copy.

3. All requests for public records must be made through the SAU/Superintendent’s office.

If a board member receives a Right-to-Know request, the board member will forward the request to the Superintendent as soon as possible.

If a Principal or other school administrator receives a Right-to-Know request, he or she will forward the request to the Superintendent as soon as possible.

4. Public documents requested under the Right-to-Know law will be made available immediately if such records are properly disclosed and immediately available for inspection or copying. If such records are not immediately available, if a determination needs to be made if such records exist, or if a determination needs to be made whether such records are exempt from public disclosure, the Superintendent will, within five (5) business days of the request, respond to the requestor, in writing, acknowledging receipt of the request and providing a statement of the time reasonably necessary to determine whether the request shall be granted or denied. The Superintendent or designee may contact the person making the request if the request is unclear or will be time consuming or onerous to fulfill to determine if the person will clarify the request or agree to narrow the request. Any clarification or narrowing of the request shall be documented in writing and a copy provided to the person making the request.

5. The School District will charge a fee of .50 per page for copying/photocopies of records when the person requests a paper copy. No fee will be charged for the inspection of records.

6. Records will be reviewed in their entirety by either the Superintendent or his/her designee before they are released in order to ensure
that no confidential or exempted information is disclosed. District legal counsel may be consulted as necessary.

7. Records exempted from disclosure by RSA 91-A:5 or other law will not be disclosed. If a member of the public requests records that are determined to be exempt from disclosure under RSA 91-A:5 or other law, the Superintendent will respond to the requestor, in writing, indicating that such records are exempt from disclosure.

8. Electronic records may be provided via e-mail or on a portable storage device (thumb drive), if the requestor so requests and if such records can practically be delivered electronically. To protect the integrity of the District’s computer system, a thumb drive for this purpose must either be provided by the requestor in unopened manufacturer’s packaging or purchased at cost from the District.

9. The Superintendent is authorized to contact the school district’s attorney for any matter related to requests for public records.

10. Documents can be examined at the regular business premises or picked up by arrangement at that location.

Adopted: June 9, 2009
Revised: December 13, 2016
Revised: January 10, 2017
Revised: January 9, 2018
Revised: April 9, 2019