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Policies » Section A: Foundations & Basic Commitments

Section A contains policies on the District's legal role in providing public education and the basic principles underlying school board governance. These policies provide a setting for all of the other policies and regulations.

Code Date Name
AA 09/12/2017 School District Legal Status
AC 05/14/2024 Non-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity Employment And District Anti-Discrimination Policy
ACE 01/10/2017 Procedural Safeguards: Non-Discrimination On The Basis Of Handicap/Disability
ACG 06/12/2007 Nondiscrimination Policy/Grievance Procedure
ACN 11/14/2023 Nursing Mothers Accommodation
AD 06/13/2017 School District Mission/Core Values
ADB 12/11/2018 Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free Schools
ADC 12/11/2018 Tobacco Products Ban Use And Possession In And On School Facilities And Ground
ADD/EBB 09/01/2022 Safe Schools
AE 03/13/2007 Accountability